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NoriCure® HC-1/004

UV Curing Screen Printing Lacquer
Texture lacquer, scratch resistant, UV stabilized   

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NoriCure® HC-1/004 scratch resistant is designed for printing on PC film, coated PET films (e.g. Autotype Autoflex EBG 180, Autotex V200), diverse PVC substrates and after pre-tests for overprinting of printed products.


NoriCure® HC-1/004 scratch resistant shows

-              excellent scratch resistance

-              excellent chemical resistance

-              press-ready formulation

-              unlimited screen open time

NoriCure® HC-1/004 can be used to achieve an antiglare effect on PC films.


Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section

ApplicationsNoriCure® HC-1/004