Mirror & Effect Pigment Inks

Mirror Ink M3

New improved screen printing ink for printing chrome effects

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Mirror Ink M3 N - improved climatic resistance

The ink system is used for second surface decoration of transparent plastics and films (PC, PMMA, rigid PVC, pre-treated PET films) and glass. 

While drying, the metal pigments are aligned parallel to the substrate’s reverse side. 

Viewed through the transparent material from the first surface, the pigments create a mirror like effect. To improve the resistance of the printed mirror, Mirror Ink M3 N should be overprinted with a mild solvent-based ink system (NORIPHAN® N2K) or a water-based screen printing ink (Aqua-Jet® KF).

High gloss effects can be achieved, even if Mirror Ink M3 N is printed on the first surface of a smooth substrate. Mirror Ink M3 N shows good printing properties and excellent climate stability. Large areas and fine details can be easily printed. Due to the pigment particle size, fabrics from 77 to 150 threads/cm (195 to 380 threads/inch) are recommended.


Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section