Screen Printing Systems for Plastic Cards


water-based screen printing ink for laminated plastic cards

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AquaCard® is a water-based screen printing ink for the production of PVC, PETG and PC cards.

Corefilms or overlays printed with AquaCard® can be laminated at the following temperatures:

PVC films:            140 °C  (285 °F)
PETG films:          140 °C  (285 °F)
PC films:              180 °C  (355 °F)

The adhesion of the laminated card with an uncoated overlay shows high peel strength.

Before printing, add 0.5 % Defoamer 9331 and stir well to reach good printing results.

AquaCard® can be processed as two-component ink:
Using AquaPress® Hardener CA offers the following durability benefits for the finished card:

  • improved temperature resistance
  • improved resistance against water and humidity
  • improved long-term strength of the laminate

Range of Colors and used mesh

Basic Colors
L68060  Lacquer colorless     mesh  100-40
L68092  Matt paste
L68932  Black
L69382  Yellow
L69383  Red
L70256  White color shade 945
L70257  Opaque white color shade 944

Standard Colors Silver
L68757  Silver color shade 776              mesh    77-48
L68758  Silver color shade 781              mesh    77-48
L68759  Silver color shade 786              mesh    61-64

Further color shades and effects on request.

Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section