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Proell highlights:


Protective Lacquers & Matt Lacquers

Norilux®  DC – formable Dual-Cure lacquer, resistant to abrasion and chemicals – available in glossy, matt, colored und UV stabilized versions

Nori® Protect XCP – new two-component screen printing lacquer with excellent weather resistance

NoriCure® L53795 – outdoor-resistant, UV curing protective lacquer

Matt Lacquer WB 6 – water-based, UV stabilized,  deep matt and formable screen printing lacquer for overprinting speedometer panels made from polycarbonate



NORIPHAN® XMR – an eXtremely Wash-out Resistant IMD/FIM ink system formulated with mild solvents

NoriPress® PP – Adhesion Promoter for PP-IMD/FIM one layer constructions 


Pad Printing

Tampo-Jet® GMI –Two-Component pad printing ink for the decoration of glass and metals with excellent resistances


Live demo of printing and processing machines:


  • The pad printing ink Sorte P will be processed on a Morlock MKM 80 four-color pad printing press for decorating thread counters.
  • Bottle openers will be produced with a Boy XS injection molding machine and decorated by Film Insert Molding (IMD/FIM technology).


Screen printed and trimmed PC films will be inserted with a handling unit into the mold and then back molded with carbon fiber reinforced PA directly onto the ink.


We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.


PDF Symbol Press Release Fakuma 2017 (651 KB)

Effective as of 1 July 2017:

All Thinners and Retarders for solvent-based ink series as well as Hardeners, Adhesion Promoters, Catalysts, Fixatives and Crosslinkers will be renamed and standardized.

Up to now our Thinners were named according to the ink systems. This is now changing and a uniform nomenclature will be introduced.

In future all Thinners and Retarders will only be called Thinners.

The S in the new description stands for slow, the M for medium and the F for fast.

Only the product descriptions are modified, the product recipes remain unchanged.

Please find more information in the below-mentioned overviews:

PDF Symbol Adjustment Thinner and Hardener (18 KB)

PDF Symbol Thinners for solvent-based screen printing inks (27 KB)

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Glasstec 2016

Please visit Proell KG at glasstec in Duesseldorf. 

Halle 12C41-1

Proell Matt Lacquers for Overprinting Speedometer Dials

Proell offers solvent and water-based, Dual Cure and UV curing matt lacquers for overprinting dials.

Please request our new Matt Lacquers Color Info.

Proell Norilux® DC Dual Cure Protective Lacquers

Norilux® DC screen printing lacquer is now available in textured, matt and effect pigment versions.

Please request our new Norilux® DC Color Info.

Matt Lacquer ATM WB 6

Matt Lacquer ATM WB 6 is an amended water-based, formable matt lacquer system for overprinting polycarbonate film instrument gauges (speedometer panels). Printed films are excellent deep-drawable by vacuum or high pressure forming. The matt lacquer can be used as well for matting high gloss films made of PC, pre-treated PET and rigid PVC. The screen printed deep matt lacquer surface has a soft grip and shows good scratch and chemical resistances.


Tampo-Jet GMI

Two-component pad printing ink developed for printing on glass and metals. After stoving, the printed ink film achieves outstanding resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Tampo-Jet GMI shows good printing properties and can be used for decorating perfume flacons and stainless steel products.

more information:

PDF Symbol Tampo-Jet GMI (122 KB)

NoriPUR® - USP Medical Class VI Testing

USP Class VI standard (United States Pharmacopeia Testing - Biological Reactivity Testing in vivo Plastic Class VI) defines the test procedure regarding acute systemic toxicity and skin irritation as well as histocompatibility. One batch each of NoriPUR® 945 and NoriPUR® 948 (printed as mixture in a ratio of 1 : 1 with 10 % Hardener PUR®-ZK No. 2) have been tested by Toxikon, Inc. according to this standard and met all requirements.

NoriPUR® and Tampo-Jet Eco

The NoriPUR® basic colors as well as special color 770 and the highly opaque formulations for pad printing and the Tampo-Jet ECO color shades have been tested according to the toy standard (DIN EN 71, part 3:2013). The results measured (TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH) were significantly lower than the given limits (migration of certain elements, category 3).

PDF Symbol Declaration Safety of Toys DIN EN 71-3 (397 KB)

PDF Symbol Technical Information NoriPUR® (87 KB)

PDF Symbol Technical Information Tampo-Jet ECO (71 KB)

NoriCure CCI

NoriCure CCI is a new UV-curing and laminate able screen printing ink developed for the manufacturing of plastic cards. The ink is suitable for printing on PVC and PETG core films.

NoriCure CCI shows excellent laminating properties and good peel strength with PVC overlay films at temperatures greater than 140 °C (284 °F).

Various color shades, metallic and effect colors are available from stock.


More information:

NoriGlass TPI

Glass Decorating Ink – silicone & halogen free

Area of applications

NoriGlass TPI is a screen printing ink for the decoration of glass, particularly for symbols of touch switches and for backlit displays.


This organic screen printing ink provides very high resistance to aqueous household cleaners, hand and machine dishwashing detergents as well as to chemicals and solvents such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, greases, oils and hydraulic fluids.

  • solvent-based
  • glossy
  • high grade pigments, free of heavy metals
  • good scratch and chemical resistance
  • free of halogens and silicone

NoriGlass TPI 960 Deep Black

Area of application and properties

High opaque screen printing ink with

  • high optical density, well-suited for display-frames
  • high electrical resistance, excellent for capacitive touch switches.

The electrical resistance of the ink is very high.

More Information:

PDF Symbol NoriGlass TPI Glass screen printing ink (74 KB)

PDF Symbol NoriGlass TPI 960 Deep Black (176 KB)

PDF Symbol Flyer NoriGlass TPI (528 KB)

PDF Symbol NoriGlass TPI 930 Titanium White (177 KB)

» more

NoriScreen® ALU

NoriScreen® ALU is a new two component screen printing ink developed for printing on aluminum and metals. Due to its free of silicone formulation, the ink can be used for the manufacture of transfers and stickers. The ink system shows good adhesion and flexibility even on pre-treated PET films.

NoriScreen® ALU is free of halogen, silicone, aromatics and cyclohexanone. The glossy ink system shows good weather resistance on suitable substrates. 

More information:
PDF Symbol NoriScreen® ALU - Screen Printing Ink (82 KB)

Norilux® DC - Abrasion Resistant Dual-Cure Screen Printing Lacquer

Norilux® DC is a formable, abrasion resistant Dual-Cure screen printing lacquer which is available in matt and high gloss versions. Norilux® DC can be used as protection lacquer or hard coat on PC and PMMA films. Norilux® DC is ideally suited for first surface coating of products manufactured in IMD/FIM technology. The Dual-Cure lacquer can be printed on textured film surfaces to produce abrasion resistant and transparent display windows.
The matt version of Norilux® DC can be printed on uncured transparent films like Makrofol® HF 278 hard coat film to create matt and high gloss effects in one item (see picture).
Processing of Dual-Cure lacquers require handling conditions without UV light.
The Dual-Cure screen printing lacquer can be used for overprinting silicone free UV, solvent and water-based screen printing inks (pre-tests required). Norilux® DC dries by evaporation of the solvents in jet dryers.
Before further processing of the printed films, it is necessary to remove nearly all solvent residues from the layer of lacquer and substrate. Well ventilated box ovens can be used.
Films decorated with Norilux® DC can be 3D formed after box oven drying e.g. by high pressure forming or thermo forming. Afterwards, the formed films must be UV cured. Depending on the thickness of the lacquer layer, UV doses of 1200-2000 mJ/cm2 are necessary (Kühnast UV-Integrator, UV 250 to 410 nm, max. 365 nm). The cured lacquer layer shows excellent resistances to abrasion, chemicals and cleaning agents.

More information:
PDF Symbol Norilux DC - Abrasion Resistant Dual-Cure Laquer (87 KB)

Matt Lacquer ATM 1 + Matt Lacquer ATM WB 5

Matt Lacquer ATM 1 (solvent-based) and Matt Lacquer ATM WB 5 (water-based) are formable matt lacquer systems for overprinting polycarbonate film instrument gauges (speedometer panels). Printed films are excellent deep-drawable by vacuum and high pressure forming. Both matt lacquers can be used as well for matting high gloss films made of PC and rigid PVC. The screen printed deep matt lacquer surface has a soft grip and shows good scratch and chemical resistances.

More information:
PDF Symbol Matt Laquer ATM 1 - Scratch Resistant Solvent-Based Laquer (70 KB) 

PDF Symbol Matt Laquer ATM WB 5 - Scratch Resistant Water-Based Laquer (135 KB)

NoriCure® UV-L 3 - Scratch Resistant Screen Printing Lacquer

NoriCure® UV-L 3 is a new UV-curing screen printing lacquer with excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. The cured surface of the lacquer resists even strong wipes with steel wool.

The high glossy UV-lacquer is designed for screen printing on PC-films, coated PET-films (e. g. Autotype Autoflex EPG 180, Autotex V200) and for overprinting of printed products.

NoriCure® UV-L 3 shows good adhesion to UV, solvent and water-based screen printing inks as well as most offset inks. The lacquer is used to overprint and protect displays, lenses and panels.

More information:
PDF Symbol NoriCure UV-L3 Scratch Resistant Screen Printing Laquer (44 KB)

NORIPHAN® XWR - Wash-Out Resistant IMD Screen Printing Ink

The latest development for IMD/FIM technology is the halogen-free ink system NORIPHAN® XWR. NORIPHAN® XWR shows extremely high wash out resistance and outstanding cohesion in compound.
The mild two-component screen ink can be used as decorating ink or protection layer on PC films and PET films. NORIPHAN® XWR can be printed on NORIPHAN® HTR and N2K and vice versa.

More information:
PDF Symbol NORIPHAN XWR - Halogen Free Screen Printing Ink for IMD-FIM (97 KB)

Norikop 10 HQ

Norikop 10 HQ is a new premium emulsion for the manufacture of high quality printing stencils. The UV-Diazo polymer emulsion is suitable for processing solvent and water-based as well as UV curing ink systems.
The surface of the coated screen is not sticky, prepress repro films won’t be damaged. Used printing stencils are easily decoatable.

More information:
PDF Symbol Norikop 10 HQ - Diazo-UV-Polymer-Emulsion (54 KB)

Mirror Ink M3 – Improved Climate Resistance

Mirror Ink M3 is a new improved screen printing ink for printing chrome effects.
The ink system is used for second surface decoration of transparent plastics and films (PC, PMMA, rigid PVC, pre-treated PET films) and glass.
While drying, the metal pigments are aligned parallel to the substrate’s reverse side.
Viewed through the transparent material from the first surface, the pigments create a mirror like effect. To improve the resistance of the printed mirror, Mirror Ink M3 should be overprinted with a mild solvent-based ink system (NORIPHAN® N2K) or a water-based screen printing ink (Aqua-Jet® FGL M).
High gloss effects can be achieved, even if Mirror Ink M3 is printed on the first surface of a smooth substrate.
Mirror Ink M3 shows good printing properties and excellent climate stability. Large areas and fine details can be easily printed. Due to the pigment particle size, fabrics from 77 to 150 threads/cm (195 to 380 threads/inch) are recommended.

More information:
PDF Symbol Mirror Ink M3 - Climatic Resistance (130 KB)

Rainbow Ink - Metallic Screen Printing Ink

Rainbow Ink is a solvent-based metallic screen printing ink for creating iridescent rainbow-like color effects on clear transparent PC, PMMA, rigid PVC and pre-treated PET films, when printed on the reverse side of the materials (back surface print).

Color Shades:
Rainbow Ink 10/100 Premium quality with fine pigments
Rainbow Ink 10/50 Standard quality with fine pigments
Rainbow Ink 35/100 Premium quality with coarse pigments
Rainbow Ink 35/50 Standard quality with coarse pigments

More information:
PDF Symbol Rainbow Ink Screen Printing Ink (80 KB)


NoriCure® MPF is a new high glossy, deep-drawable UV curing screen printing ink

NoriCure® MPF is a versatile UV screen printing ink, which is suitable for printing signs and displays, to be formed afterwards by deep drawing.

NoriCure® MPF shows good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as PVC self-adhesive films, rigid PVC, polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC) and pre-treated polyester (PET) substrates. The suitability for printing on PMMA and polypropylene (PP) must be tested.


  • highly flexible ink film, extremely deep drawable
  • excellent ink adhesion to many substrates
  • medium outdoor resistance
  • pigments with high light fastness
  • fast curing (only low UV doses of 180-350 mJ/cm² are required, depending on color shade and ink film thickness)
  • constant viscosity of color shades
  • NVP-free


  • press-ready
  • excellent printability when printing fine details
  • high blocking resistance


  • excellent formability
  • deep drawable (350 % without color variation, depending on ink film thickness)
  • die cutting, trimming, folding

The UV curing screen printing ink can be overprinted with solvent-based screen inks and vice versa.

More information:
PDF Symbol NoriCure MPF UV-Curing Screen Printing Ink (73 KB)



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